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December 9th, 2013

We have provided these short (1 minute) snippets from the last album. Feel free to have a listen. Please click on one of the following links:

Lost Without You
Half-Man / Half-Wolf

March 25th, 2010

Dominic Wall's new album, "Running Colours", is now available.


Running Colours (Audio CD)

by Dominic Wall

Price: £10 (Includes postage and packaging.)

Track Listing

01 Introduction
02 Liberty
03 Ride The Horse
04 Coming Down
05 No Rules
06 Half-Man / Half-Wolf
07 Disappear
08 Run
09 Lost Without You
10 Opportunity
11 Shooting Star
12 Open Road

Please visit the myspace page to listen to some of the tracks. www.myspace.com/dominicwall

Dominic Wall's first album, "Animals On The Loose", is still available.


Animals On The Loose (Audio CD)

by Dominic Wall

Price: £10 (Includes postage and packaging.)

Dominic Wall's first album, "Animals On The Loose", available now. Click the PayPal button to purchase.

Track Listing

01 Moved To Distraction
02 Where Did I Go Wrong?
03 When We Were Young
04 Lammasu
05 Listen
06 Wake Up
07 I Heard She Said
08 Something More
09 Underground
10 Paradise
11 Messenger

Sample Music >> When We Were Young

Sample Music >> Moved To Distraction

Sample Music >> Messenger


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